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“Marketing without design is lifeless, and design without marketing is mute.” 

― Von R. Glitschka

Why Nova & More Development and Design

Web Design

Designing a website is Easy. Designing a Good website is really hard. We'll make it happen for you.

Web Development

Either you develop it yourself or hire a professional to do it. Quality Matters.

Core Vitals

Nobody like a slow and boring website. Do you? NO?
Let's fix it.

Design Element

Your Fonts, Your Spacing, Your Colors, Your headlines and Your images. They are matters.

Mobile Design

80% chances are that you are visiting this page from a mobile device. Let's optimize your website for mobile.


You are the one who can make it happen. So don't wait and have a great website today.

Why It Matters

Not So Boring Web Design & Development

Have you ever visited a house that it really old and messed up that you wanted to leave as soon as you cross the door? and when you try to leave the house, you are not able to find the door?

That’s what happens when people visit an old, messed up and non user friendly website.

We don’t want to happened this to your website. We want to save your website visitors from the pain and frustration that they face when they couldn’t find what they are looking for.

Let’s DESIGN your website.

Should You Go With

Template or Custom Design

Ask yourself. Think about it. No, we are serious. You really have to think about it. Let me help you.

Templates are great. They save time. They save money but they are pre-built. They don’t contain the same vision that you have. You have modify them. You have to change them to get the desired results.

Go for Custom design only if you have clear vision and if you can’t find the right template for it.


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