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Marketing agencies and white label facebook ads reseller resellers face a lot of difficulties in running ads for their clients. Sometimes, they fail to get leads while sometimes they can’t even bring relevant traffic to their profile.

As a result, the clients get frustrated and consider another source of success.


However, that won’t be the case when you partner with an agency like Nova and More. Why are we so sure? Because we have a successful track record. Yes! We have already run hundreds of Facebook pages for agencies and exceeded their expectations. They do not only choose us repeatedly but also recommend Nova and More to others.


Don’t trust us? Never mind. Schedule your free consultation today and learn how we can help you grow.

Why Choose White-Label Facebook Marketing Company for Agencies?

Facebook has now become home to more than 2.8 billion monthly active users, which means it is not just a platform but a goldmine that helps reach client’s target audience. However, running effective Facebook ad campaigns requires expertise, time, and ongoing optimization. That’s where we come in.

You can easily grow and scale your agency with Nova and More and receive all the credit while having us working behind the scenes. White-label Facebook agency matters for your constant growth and success. Why? There are just a lot of reasons… for example, no in-house drama, no raises, no bonuses, no taxes, and simply nothing that gives a headache…!


That’s why many resellers trust Nova and More as we have helped them become the fastest-growing agencies in the country. 


So, are you ready to supercharge your client’s traffic and leads? Reach out to us today and let’s get started with the best white-label Facebook marketing company.

6 Reasons Why We Are the Best White-Label Facebook Marketing Experts:

At Nova and More, trust is at the core of everything we do. Here are a few reasons why agencies choose us

Proven Expertise

With years of experience in the digital marketing landscape, we've honed our skills in Facebook advertising.

Transparency as a Foundation

Trust is built on transparency. We believe in open and honest communication. You and your clients will always have access to campaign data and reports.

Dedication to Your Brand

When you choose Nova and More, we don't just work for you; we work with you as we become an extension of your agency, representing your brand faithfully.

Results-Driven Approach

Trust is earned through results. Our data-driven strategies focus on achieving your client's objectives, whether it's increased leads, website traffic, or sales.

Customized Solutions

Our approach is highly customizable, ensuring that your clients receive tailored Facebook ad campaigns that suit their specific needs

Confidentiality and Privacy

We respect the privacy and confidentiality of your agency and your clients. You can trust that sensitive information remains secure and undisclosed.

Powerful Reporting
See Your Website's Insights
Let’s have a look at website and understand how your customers are interacting with your business and how we can optimize it for better user experience.

Benefits of Choosing Our White-Label Facebook Agency

So, why should you work with a white-label Facebook agency? Let’s have a look below to get your answer

Expertise Without the Learning Curve

Our experienced team of Facebook advertising specialists knows the platform inside out, ensuring your clients' campaigns are in the hands of pros.

Saves Time and Resources

There is no need to hire, train, or manage an in-house Facebook marketing team. We handle everything from strategy to execution.

Focus on Core Services

With our white label facebook advertising agency, you can focus on your agency's core competencies while offering a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services.

Enhance Client Retention

Expand your services and retain clients by providing top-tier Facebook advertising under your own brand.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

Unlike others, we don’t burden your pocket; instead, we provide budget-friendly solutions that suit every client from small to medium businesses.

Long-Term Relationships

We're not just in it for the short term. We aim to build long-lasting partnerships based on trust, reliability, and consistent excellence.

White-Label Facebook Marketing Services We Provide at Nova and More

Have a look below to get complete insights about the services we provide

Customized Strategy Development

We create tailored Facebook marketing strategies aligned with your client’s goals and target audience.

Precise Audience Targeting

We help you with precise audience targeting as it ensures ads are seen by the right people, increasing ROI.

Creative Content Design

Our team creates engaging content that captures attention and drives clicks, which means more traffic and engagement.

Ongoing Optimization

We are also focused on constant monitoring and optimization of campaigns for maximum performance.

Comprehensive Reporting

You don’t have to worry about reporting, as we conduct transparent reporting to track campaign progress and results.

Ad Copywriting

Our team of copywriters creates compelling ad copy that converts browsers into buyers.

Type of White-Label Facebook Content We Create

Our expert team is efficient enough to create different content types that bring engagement, leads, and traffic.


Visual content that conveys complex information or statistics in an easy-to-understand format.

Memes and Humorous Content

Light-hearted and relatable content can increase engagement and shareability.

Customer Testimonials

Share authentic testimonials and success stories from satisfied customers.

Educational Posts

Provide valuable information, tips, and how-to guides related to your client's industry or niche.

Event Promotion:

Promote webinars, workshops, conferences, or product launch events.

Polls and Surveys

Engage your audience by asking questions and gathering feedback through polls and surveys.

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Why Choose Us for White-Label Facebook Marketing?

Our Values

Our Simple white label facebook ad agency Process

After understanding your goals, our team creates a customized strategy that aligns with your client’s brand and objectives.


We start the process with meetings and discussions so we can understand your agency's goals, expectations, and your clients' needs.

Customized Strategy

After understanding your goals, our team creates a customized strategy that aligns with your client’s brand and objectives.

Expert Execution

In the end, we take all the responsibilities and execute top-notch strategies for white-label Facebook marketing.

What Our Client Says

“Nova and More is an excellent white-label agency to work with. They helped us deliver outstanding results to our clients.”
Silvia George
“Working with Nova & More is a true pleasure. Their team's expertise in Facebook advertising is evident in the results we've achieved for our clients.”
Aina Stone
"Their dedication, transparency, and ability to deliver ROI-driven campaigns have made them our go-to partner for Facebook advertising.”
Thomas Steve
Frequently Asked Questions

We handle all aspects of Facebook marketing & advertising, from strategy and ad creation to monitoring and optimization. Your agency’s clients see our services as your own.

Yes, all reports and communication are white-labeled with your agency’s branding, ensuring a seamless experience for your clients.

Absolutely. You have full control over how you price and package our services to your clients.

No, with Nova & More, you can bypass the need to hire and train an in-house team. We provide the expertise you need.

Client privacy is a priority. We sign non-disclosure agreements and adhere to strict confidentiality protocols to protect your clients’ information.

Facebook marketing is versatile and can benefit businesses of all sizes and industries, from e-commerce and local businesses to B2B and service providers.

Results can vary, but typically, clients start seeing noticeable improvements within a few weeks to a couple of months.

Yes, we provide creative ad design as part of our services, ensuring eye-catching and engaging advertisements.

Audience targeting is based on your client’s objectives and can include demographics, interests, behaviors, and more.

Yes, we can manage ad budgets for your clients, optimizing spend for maximum results.